Weinstein victims awarded $19 M, released from confidentiality

Residents of the Washington D.C. area and Virginia might be interested in reading an article regarding the settlement in the Harvey Weinstein case. The disgraced former Hollywood mogul was part of a settlement of $19M by his female employees, who claimed sexual abuse and harassment.

According to Boston25 News, two lawsuits were filed; one was against Weinstein, now in prison, and the other against The Weinstein Company. This settlement comes several months after Harvey Weinstein received a 23-year sentence for sexual assault and third-degree rape. The victims were a model and former actress, as reported in Variety.

A compensation fund has been set up, pending approval by the bankruptcy and district courts, that will distribute money to his many victims. These women encountered a hostile work environment, discrimination based on gender and sexual harassment while at work at The Weinstein Company. They also were victims of sexual abuse by Harvey Weinstein, as disclosed by the attorney general’s office.

Prosecutors confirmed that with the settlement employees are released from confidentiality non-disclosure or non-disparagement agreements. New York Attorney General Letitia James called the agreement a win for all who have experienced sexual harassment, discrimination, intimidation or retaliation by their employers.

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