Real Estate Malpractice Law

At Hantzes & Associates, we help individuals, couples and businesses that have been cheated by a realtor or another real estate professional. We strive to earn the trust of our clients by demonstrating a level of professionalism and skill that was unfortunately lacking in their real estate agent or broker.

Recognizing The Signs Of Real Estate Malpractice

Realtors are bound by state and federal laws that govern their ethics and responsibilities to their clients. If your real estate agent has taken actions that are self-serving or otherwise not in your interest, you may have a viable reason to bring forward a real estate malpractice lawsuit to obtain compensation for the damages you have suffered.

Examples of real estate malpractice include:

  • Misrepresentation of a property or a contract’s terms
  • Falsifying information
  • Failing to disclose a property’s known defects
  • Working with straw buyers to drive up a property’s price
  • Failing to uphold fiduciary responsibilities

What a real estate agent does not do is often as important as what they do. Casually omitting crucial information about a property can result in devastating financial losses for a buyer or seller once the truth comes out. If you feel like your real estate agent failed to act in your best interests in any way, it is important to explore your hunch and preserve your ability to seek financial compensation for your losses.

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