Defending Employers In Wage And Hour Disputes

Disagreements between an employer and its employees over things like employee classification, overtime pay and break times can turn into expensive litigation. In the long run, it pays for business owners and executives to retain an experienced employment law attorney to advise them on avoiding wage and hour disputes and to represent them in court if a lawsuit arises.

With more than 35 years of combined experience practicing business law, the attorneys of Hantzes & Associates represent employers in wage and hour legal matters. With our help, you will have policies in place that preserve your rights as an employer while minimizing the chances of a lawsuit from one of your workers or other penalties. As litigators, we have the reputation and experience to give your firm the best possible courtroom results.

Efficient Resolution Of Wage And Hour Claims

Through employee litigation, you could expose your business to heavy penalties under state or federal law. We will carefully review your situation and the claims being made against you. By applying our knowledge of employment law to the particular facts of your case, we will prepare a strong defense on your behalf and give you reliable advice about what to do next.

Hantzes & Associates Defends Washington, D.C., And Virginia Businesses

Your business represents years of hard work by yourself and your partners. Our attorneys can help you defuse a potential crisis and let you concentrate on business again.

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