Representing Businesses Against Denied Insurance Claims

A business purchases insurance to protect itself in case of disaster. But sometimes, despite keeping up on its premiums, an insured business is let down by an insurer that refuses to pay out a rightful claim. Then the insured business is stuck, unable to afford repairs or other costs just as cash flow has stopped.

Like all insured parties, when a business’ insurance company denies its claim, the business has the right to appeal. However, the appeals process can be time-consuming and difficult without the assistance of an experienced business lawyer. With more than 35 years of combined experience between our attorneys, Hantzes & Associates can help your company get the insurance settlement it deserves after a natural disaster, fire or another event that interferes with business activities.

Helping Companies In Washington, D.C., And Virginia Pick Up The Pieces

We pay close attention to details. Our lawyers will carefully review the terms of your insurance policy to ensure that you are covered. Then we will refute the claims made by the insurance adjuster to justify the denial. Common reasons include:

  • Lapsed or terminated coverage due to unpaid premiums
  • Errors on the application
  • Insurance fraud

While sometimes a denied claim is due to error or honest misunderstanding, other times the insurer has acted in bad faith. We know the signs of an insurance company that failed to properly investigate your business’ claim, falsified the facts or did not provide an adequate reason for the denial. We keep litigation as an option in all cases, though we successfully settle most appealed claims out of court.

Consult With An Experienced Business Attorney About Insurance Appeals

We understand how disruptive a denied insurance claim or inadequate settlement offer can be to your day-to-day business, not to mention your company’s long-term viability. Contact Hantzes & Associates to schedule a consultation and discuss how to proceed. Call 703-378-5000.