Establish Or Amend Your Company’s Employee Manual

With all the laws, regulations and contract language that govern employer/employee relations, it is always a sound idea for a business to have an employee manual that details the company’s policies toward its staff. However, without the necessary legal knowledge and practical guidance of your business law attorney, your manual may fall short of your business’ legal responsibilities and possibly trigger litigation it was supposed to prevent.

Hantzes & Associates is a law firm serving Washington, D.C., and the Virginia suburbs with more than 35 years of combined experience in business law matters, including employment law from the employer side. Whether you are establishing a new business’ employee policies, or need an attorney to review and recommend updates to an existing manual, one of our lawyers will give you and your partners their personal attention.

Discuss Employment Policies With An Experienced Business Lawyer

Taking the time to do this now can save your firm considerable expense, distraction and damage to its reputation. Contact Hantzes & Associates online or by calling 703-378-5000 to schedule a consultation.