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Did you witness a cover-up of fraud by your employer? Is your employee accusing you of retaliation after you took disciplinary action? Are you aware that whistleblowers may be entitled to compensation? An experienced employment law attorney can provide you with timely and helpful advice.

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The law firm of Hantzes & Associates provides skilled and aggressive representation to employees and employers in Washington, D.C., and throughout the state of Virginia.

Many employees are not aware of their rights when faced with acts of retaliation. We advise employees of their options and aggressively protect their rights. We also help employers avoid employment law disputes and defend their rights in court. Our experience advocating from both sides makes our representation of you much more effective and fruitful.

Are You Entitled To Compensation As A Whistleblower?

In the U.S., if a person exposes acts of fraud against the government – such as defense contractor, Medicaid or Medicare fraud – that person may be entitled to receive a share of the money recovered as a reward. This is known as a qui tam action and can potentially allow a relator – the person who exposes the fraud – to receive thousands of dollars.

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