Resolving Wage And Hour Disputes For Workers

You naturally expect to be paid for the hours you put in at work. If your employer is denying you overtime pay, forcing you to work through meal breaks or is misclassifying your employment status to try to pay you less, you could be entitled to substantial compensation. But you will not know for sure until you discuss your experience with a qualified employment law attorney.

Hantzes & Associates has more than 35 years of combined experience in employment law. Our attorneys represent workers in Washington, D.C., and Virginia, and have a long track record of success handling employment law disputes on behalf of employees.

Why Wage And Hour Violations Matter

Wage and hour disputes can dramatically affect your income. For example, if your employer misclassifies you as an exempt employee, you could be denied your rightful overtime pay. Being ordered to work through meal and rest breaks can also reduce your salary. With your fundamental rights as a worker at stake, you need to know where you stand.

Among the wage and hour matters we can represent you in, there are:

  • Unpaid overtime
  • Being paid below minimum wage
  • Unpaid severance
  • Bounced or unissued paychecks
  • Misclassification of employment status, specifically claiming you are exempt from wage and hour laws
  • Nonreimbursement of work-related expenses, such as travel expenses

We are prepared to help you with all wage and hour-related violations your employer has committed.

Detailed And Skilled Employment Law Attorneys

Our attorneys will discuss your case with you in detail and apply their extensive knowledge of applicable state and federal laws. We will discuss your best options for proceeding, which could lead to litigation. We have taken numerous cases to trial with successful verdicts, so litigation is always a viable option if your employer will not agree to a good-faith settlement.

Begin The Process With A Free Legal Conference

Besides getting rightful compensation for yourself, taking legal action can help people who currently work for your employer as well as future hires receive their fair payment under the law. We will be by your side the entire time to explain what is going on and keep you up to date on your case. We will draw on our negotiation and litigation experience to deliver you the best possible outcome in a timely manner.

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